A site-specific Bauhaus100 project dedicated to reanimating the discourse formation of the Bauhaus and its intellectual counterparts. Details:

Experimental structures of discourse: the research

A project in the field of Digital Humanities: processed the "Bauhaus Corpus" through Automated Discourse Analysis. Collaboration with DFG-research Process-oriented Discourse Analysis. Presented research paper at 100BAUHAUS INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE, Bialystok, Poland. For details please check and project website.

Utopia Computer

Contribution on statistics, metamorphosis of scientific inquiries in the science of human settlement (Ekistics) 1963-1972


A concept intending to provoke the prevalent VJ culture. Submitted to Genius Loci Mapping Festival 2018.

System Existenzminimum

speculative design for diminished human livelihood in networked socialities. Exhibited at Hong Kong InnoTower and Hong Kong Design Institute in 2017. Details: university's project pageh

Posthuman ARCHE

(speculative) digital geography. Finalist at 2018 Superscape, Vienna. For details please check the website of superscape. Prototype in QGIS, C# work-in-progress.

Last poem of the plastic cup

A probe into intimate data and material cycles. Piece developed in python and on Beaglebone board. Media art piece exhibited at SugarCity, Buffalo, 2016. Details: university's website

Housing Horizons

Rethink and redesign the high-rise from phenomenological and ontological perspectives. 2014.

Mandela's wall of echoes

Conceptual design of a memorial dedicated to the life and work of Mr. Nelson Mandela, 2011.

Work samples

Various design, drafting and freelance work.

Architectural design portfolio

Various conceptual design done in bachelor years.


Concept for start-up pitch, 2018.

Acupuncture Urbanism in NYC

Thinking and designing for the "collateral" in Architecture, 2016.

Collaboration/Study with researcher, philosopher

Some studies on Heidegger, Husserl, Foucault, Cybernetics, Latour, and emerging media theory...

Space-body studies

Space-body studies formalized in carpentry. 2011.